Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Qaulity Time

On Sunday afternoon I hurt my ankle as a result I had to lay on the couch leg on a pillow reading a book.My daughter as youths normally are was boared and we decided to go to the movies on Monday.The next morning I was not feeling up to going as my ankle was throbbing but did not want to disapoint my daughter as I get so little quaility time with her,I went to my heavenly Father and ask Him to intervene as you can imagine He came through and my daugher,not me suggested that we stay home and rent movies and have pizzas and just relax.We had a fantastic time and I apreciated the time that I got to spend with her.


sonia tejada said...

shame sorry to hear about your accident hope you feeling better.

ethel marsh said...

God always knows whats best for us,even staying at home was a way of spending time,qaulity time with your daughter which we often neglect.God Bless.