Friday, June 10, 2011

Social Media

Semantic web is the word that is on everyone's lips these days and this was the first words spoken at the Social Media Boot Camp hosted by Rlabs.
Mike Santer Director at Rogarem presented a talk on the future internet.

Examples: If information about shops,restaurants,cars,music,movie tickets etc. were stored in RDF files, Intelligent Web could collect info form many different sources combine info and present it to users in meaningful ways...that in itself had all our attention. Our very own Clinton Liederman took us on a journey with the Geosocial Universe, saying that 55% of journalist say that Social Media is important or somewhat important for reporting and producing story's, and how companies who still don't make use of an online presents is missing out big time as Google is better then the yellow pages.
The founder of
RLabs Marlon Parker who just came back for spending time in the Silicone Valley has a total new mind shift on how this are being done inspired us with his talk on Local,Social and Mobile. We ended the day of with a brainstorming session planing our online fund raising & campaigning with the help of Collin Habberton from givengain South Africa and now we running our Do Good, Give Hope winter campaign.

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