Saturday, December 13, 2008

What a wonderful day, Yesterday!!

Hey wwworld!!!

Just need to share to all my peeps what went down yesterday.
We held our graduation, as well as launching 2 new ventures that the team is taking on.

After months of intense learning and practicles,
which was truly fun and educational (which as also made me a web addict lol thanx Marlon).
Having joined social network after social network is really brain-stretching but i finally fond my niche, which is facebook, twitter and spoink.

Having been busy at university i couldn't do as much as my fellow students, but when i could i would.

Marlon also launched the Reconstructed Podcast which will be available real soon for the youth of the world, which we know will touch the their lives and bring hope to the lost and desperate ( even if we only touch 1 persons life, would it be a success. The 1st Podcast is availble on the and Please check it out.

Hey yhats all from me!

Ciao 4 Now


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