Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Brain damage
Emphysema / Lung deceases
Emotional and Spiritual problems
Lowered Libido
Weakened Liver functions
Overall deterioration in health
Dagga has a negative effect on the short-term memory and users thereof become anxious, which leads to paranoia. The long-term use of Dagga can lead to lung cancer and various sources have been quoted to state that Dagga is more damaging to the lungs than normal cigarette smoke. It has a definite effect on the development of the body and can harm unborn babies. The metabolites of Dagga stay in the lungs for a very long time and also affect the immune system.
The users of Dagga are usually very apathetic and their performance at work and at school will deteriorate drastically. Dagga is a dependence forming substance and causes the tolerance effect where people who smoke Dagga have to increase their use of this drug to create the same effect (High).
It was also found that with certain individuals Dagga has a stimulating effect. As an example: in the beginning of the Century, the Chamber of Mines instituted more breaks during working hours, in order to give the opportunity to the workers to smoke Dagga in order to improve their work performance.
There are certain cases where individuals, especially juveniles, hallucinate after using Dagga

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