Monday, December 15, 2008


After i accepted The Lord Jesus Christ into my life and heart i have come to learn that there is nothing impossible without HIM.There is so much that i have asked the Lord and have received.I have no doubt that I will ask him next.

I am trusting God for a Nokia N96.In His time i know that He will grant it unto me.When i receive this phone it will not be for my own glory,but too bring Glory unto Jesus.I will use this phone to encourage people that are in distress.(via social media).This phone will be used to extend the Kingdom of God.

All in Jesus time......Thank you Lord.

ps.too my dear sister Nicollette Jacobs,if you happened to read this blog post then you will know exactly what i want for Christmas

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Anonymous said...

Eish brother...and here I was thinking I could buy you a Nokia of R299(Special at Glomail)....he,he...