Monday, December 15, 2008

Atlantis will never be the same again

Yesterday was founders appreciation day
back in my home church in Atlantis.
Me and two of my brothers in CHRIST,Brent
Williams and Jason Martin had an privilege
to accompany a very humble vessel of GOD and
his wife,Apostle Roger and Jenny Petersen
as guess speakers at this event.
When God decides HE is going to move,
there is nothing that is going to stop HIM.
I am trying to capture the moment in words
but I'm not able to.At the end of the word
Pastor Roger said a prayer and I literally could
see a layer of dust being removed from my eyes.
The word went about JESUS and his disciples.
The disciples who knew JESUS better than many
and who witnessed HIS crucifixion and the
laying of HIS body in the tomb but when faced with
an encounter with JESUS after HE has been resurrected.
Not one of them grabbed the moment in ceasing the power
that was available.The same power that raised CHRIST
from the dead.
Yet JESUS said that HE was going to send the Holy Spirit
to be our helper,Who would reveal to us the resurrected
power of JESUS CHRIST.
GOD blessed Atlantis with the privilege of having that
resurrected power running through the town yesterday.
That's why I believe that soon,every knee shall bow and every
tongue will confess that JESUS CHRIST is Lord and King.

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