Friday, May 3, 2013

Three Times A Lady

My name is Johanna Antoinette McKay.Born in a area Hanover park Cape Town with gang violence,domestic violence,drug abuse and poverty.Start and finish my academic years there and from then onwards is where i had to go and implement in  my life what i was thought for eighteen years.

At that stage i had a boyfriend already and had a sexual relationship also.He started abusing me with all the abuse you can get.Because i grow up with a father that was never there,i needed love but didnt know where to start with loving somebody.At the age of twentyfour i fall pregnant and a year after the baby he suddenly one day, ask me to marry him.And that for me is he must love me if he want to marry me and all the abuse is forgotten by me yes but not with him.

I was still married to him for three years, until i take out a court order against him.He didnt obey the court order and that is the way he stay away from me and my son. I devorce him and we went for pshycholigy .That is one of the lady rolls of my life. The other two to be continue.....

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