Friday, May 3, 2013

my rivier of life by dorothy adams

My name is Dorothy  Adams i m 31 year of age  a reborn christen  my life starts falling apart when the abuse happen my dad pass away my mom did sleep with men after men my 2brothers turn into gangsters am the only girl at the age of 6 i was rape an my mom did nothing to protect me after that men start molesting me an i did all bad things in life at the age of 13 i did give birth to my first born  i did sleep on the street with my baby an sell my body for food an drugs i did fell pregnant again at 16  with my second child and i don't know who the father was i continue staying on the street  but one day a nice guy approached me and said that he wants to make a change in my life .

I did starting to believing in this  guy an i didnt   know that there is hope i started to enjoy life in christ and doing right by god  i did meet someone special in my life we did get married and i did bless him with 3 kids ai but he reminds me of my past again  he abuse me mentilly emotionaly and a lot worst i am still married with this guy im unemplod dont have any income an i dont have any family in cape town  an most of my friends is back stabbers an i dont feel same in my own home .

I am a very soft person i like to help others an i will give my last to others  but i dont understand why do all these bad things happen in my life i just want to be happy an live my life like never before i cant write a book of my up bringing but its to hard and i dont want to open up my sores sometimes i go to sleep crying  an amazining myself in my own beautifull  world  like in the stories thats the only way im living my life a  story but lets just keep for each otha an god will do the rest

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