Friday, May 3, 2013


My life started when i was born at Saint Monica's hospital..My mum worked as a domestic worker.She got.pregnant
 and after i was born couldn't keep me on that premises .She was in need for the job and had to look for someone to look after me.She got this couple that took me and with who i grew up all my life.I only saw my mum when she comes visit.

I was raised very strict  because my parents was in their old age years.I couldn't play outside like most teenagers..I don't know 
what spanking means because i was very obedient .I finish school after i passed grade 10.

I went job hunting because it was only my mums pension that kept us alive.I got a job at JORDAN SHOES. .My life  now started to be excited because i met a boyfriend..I was very happy and in love and got married. My first baby was born and after 3 days passed on.I was very sad..Everything changed and later ended  in a divorce.My second baby girl was on its way without a daddy and had to work for her alone.I spend all my time and love with my daughter.We had a very close relationship with each other..

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