Friday, May 3, 2013

Life on thee Edge-Mikyle Wade

Born 1992-August-03 in South Africa Western Cape Somerset Hospital.My biological parents were not married.Mother lived with her parents and Dad lived on his own.Dad already had a child from another woman before he and my mother decided to conceive me that confirms i'm his second eldest child and my mother's first born.My mother's parents were alcoholics which changed over the years,so back then my mother had no choice but to raise me on her own knowing her family was alcoholics including my father.

    At thee age of 5 my mother met my stepfather Prezano and in the same here conceived my eldest sister Natalie.My mother never got married to him either and two years after Natalie's birth conceived a second child from my stepfather named Prezena.He moved in with my mother into her parents home and started raising his two daughters including me as his own.I was only seven years of age when the Lord called her home from a bulletwound shot in her leg.DECISIONS were to be made how we were going to be raised and by whom to be precise.The woman I'm currently living with and who I'm grateful for named Letisha Natalie Holland was my mother's biological younger sister and married my stepfather in terms of avoiding me and my sisters being thrown around to other families and be raised by her and her new husband,my stepfather instead.My aunt Letisha was only 17,she was so young that's why lots of respect and loyalty goes to her from me and my sisters for giving up her teenage life to give us the privilege to be raised together.

It was always abuse,abuse and abuse since the family was now separated and reformed with my aunt now being my mother and conceived two children from her husband.It wasn't always physically abuse,mentally too.The reason for that was :my sisters and I always longed for our mother to return.I dropped out of school at the age of 18,Grade 10 to be exact when i started being what's called a "corner boy".I didn't know i was throwing my life away yet somehow it felt good when i was around my friends that listened and understood me but still led me to wrong doings.I ended up being at home since dropping out of school and no where to go,for work or even atleast just a small income.I then started changing my ways in doing things from time to time so I started doing work around the house for my grandfather who recognised my changing and started handing me money to build myself up again.I started off as a church-member,to confirmation and today i'm in my congregation's youth.Yes i'm a very energetic person too.

When RLabs gave me an opportunity to learn more on computers my life had to have changed because all i ever wanted despite what i've been through was good education.I thank RLabs for everything.Where would I have been this very moment if i hadn't changed my life and RLabs didn't come around.

Thank you RLabs.

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