Friday, May 3, 2013

the life journey of sir Donovan Reginald VanRooyen

growing up in a house without a farther and a mother who abused alcohol i grew up struggling as i grew up as my journey continued at the age of four i was hospitalized with a murmur also known as a whole in the heart the size of a five rand coin at the age of sixteen  i gave my life to Christ and a month later i was molested by an acquaintance of my youth leader and then again at the age of nineteen ,at this point my life was shattered and i did not know how to face life i distanced myself from family friends as well as from church only because in both occasions it happened with a pastor .

although i had been through so many hurts in my life i always had one positive mindset and although exposed to so many activities out there i always was confident to never engaged to these activities i rather engaged in partaking in singing as i am a vocalist of origin my family and mostly all my friends are singers as the saying goes birds of a feather flocks together i always set down serious principals in my life to never engage in these activities such as alcohol and drug abuse because i how it tore my family apart

i had been challenged to keep my head above water as the challenge was sometimes tempting and often daring yet because i knew who i was and what i wanted in life i kept trusting and believing in myself ,well it was not easy as i said quite challenging sometimes in life we often give up and develop such a low self esteem of ourselves and in such cases we tend to think we the lowest of low ,okay that was how i have rated and see myself without making it obvious to the public whenever i was alone or even in bed my tears would run down my face  and for years questions such as why me why this even why did it have to be the people i confided in

 ,Well life continued and i got introduced to opportunities such as going for my security training two years later my hotel and catering course and recently i was introduce to the r.labs program where i have the opportunity to take this journey of my life further the journey of my life also inspired me to start writing a book entitled appreciating the values of life an inspirational novel that deals with everyday struggles mostly young people face in life the book handles with the questions we ask the answers to these questions as well as a step by step guide that will assist us in applying these answers then lastly the book takes us through a summarized story  called courage in a crisis, writing has always be my passion and  i have always no matter what happened to me at the age of twenty one turning twenty two i lost my mother my pillar of strength while my farther abandoned us when i was just about five years old growing up without a father in my life was tough but made me stronger then what i thought as my journey continued i grew up and met a lot of friends later at the age of twenty seven i got married and we conceived two kids unfortunately things between the mother and i did not work out so we got separated and i met and fell in love with an amazing woman who means the world to me  i wanna thank my loving fiance Bianca for her amazing support over the few years we are together for her exquisite love we share

to be continued ................................................... 

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