Thursday, May 21, 2009


The past weekend must have been one of the most humbling experiences and at the same time one the most exiting ones of my life.

We went down to the Idutywa in the Eastern Cape. Idutywa is 1400km from Cape Town the place where I live. Idutywa is a rural area and and life there is somewhat different to that of Cape Town. We went to a church over there to do missionary work and to see how we could be of assistance to the people there. Our church and pastor Roger has had a close relationship with the pastor over there,pastor David Mnikie .There was also a prophet of God there,Carl Wills from the U.K and that just made it more exiting to be there.

On our arrival we were welcomed with such great love and warmth it was unbelievable looked at the surroundings and conditions that these people were living in yet there was so much joy and love around unlike anything I have seen before. From the minute we arrived these people attended to our every need and that just stole my heart. If there is anything that I have learned over the weekend from these people,it is that of servant hood. Never have I seen people serve the way the they do. They have definitely made an input in my life and it made realize:Am I doing enough to serve other people around me and that I me.

We arrived the Friday and after settling in we had supper. We then prepared for the evening church service. As the service proceeded more and more people from the community arrived .Young ones,elderly people,people with crutches almost everyone of the community. Eventually the place was packed and there was people everywhere was a buzz in the atmosphere. People started to come forward as the power of God was moving in that place and we got to pray for them. We saw people healed and lots of people got saved,praise God!!It was just amazing. The service went on for about four hours and naturally everyone was on high but had to rest for the next day.

The Saturday morning we had breakfast and then a hour to prepare for the morning service hat was going to take place. The day was structured so that we could squeeze in four three services for the day. So it was going to be a long day ahead of us. In the morning service they called me up to share my testimony.I had to have an interpreter with me as not all of the people understood english .But he message came out crystal clear that Jesus is the only answer. The day proceeded an we saw many more people being healed and set free from whatever was holding them back.

Over the weekend I saw the hunger these people have for God and how they just rise above there circumstances and give praise to God. It made me wonder how many times we complain and yet we have so much to be thankful for. These people so little yet they are so happy. This weekend has really changed my life and I am looking at going back there for a month and see how I can serve there.

We get so many people from overseas that come here to the centre in Cape Town and they are blown away at what God is doing in Cape Town. I often wonder why are these people so exited and I realized that it is because we are so accustomed as to what is happening around us that it becomes the norm. But when I went somewhere else far from where I live and saw what God is doing elsewhere I was just as exited as our guest that come to us from over seas.This is something that I would to do more often.We went to there to help out,but those people do not realize how much they have helped us. We now realize that we have to serve our prople on a deeper level.I am so proud that I am a missionary for Jesus and not for the devil no longer.I am hoping to go abroad soon as well to go and spread the gospel and what Jesus has done in my life.

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