Saturday, May 2, 2009

My crazy dream of the 1st of May

I was faster sleep and had a cool and funny dream now the world will know it!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all started like this i went 2 a public toilet somewhere in the getto ;when i was done i had a problem with pulling up my pants;than i saw gangsters waiting for my to come out;I started to panic knowing my pants could not be pulled up and they are going to get me.The next minute one of them broke the door and pulled me out.Little to know one of the fifteen gangsters outside was on my side.I dint know that he was a snitch and so when they wanted to kill me he told them (HOSH NET MINETE!!!!!!!!) I dint know he was a general of the 26 gang and he had a affro ;.he tosted me a uzzi and we started running he was shooting and I was pulling up my pants ;we than broke in a black volvo and on the back seet was a big black box full of gold and somthing that looked like a giant lock or somthing the next thing I knew was 2 guys were at the back of the car;started hitting me ;so i got hold of that lock thing and started to fight ;but they took the gold and jumped out of the speeding car .the 26 driver than wanted to kill me because i let them take the gold;at the back they were shouting on us and we were also fighting some how i killed him and I made it away from them and road home.When I got home I was surrering of PARANIA ;When I got to the door I saw blood on the groung but I didnt know that I was shot;I than walked in and saw nothing was the same in the house ;I than found out that I was 10 years older I had the gun in my hand and knew that I dont live here any more ;I started going crazy and ran to a black american lady in the house and she knew my name ;she sed hi my son!!!!!!!!You full of blood and I was like HA how can this lady be my mom im not a black american so i herd a gun shot go off and under the table was Lil Wayne ;he shot me in the leg i than fell on the floor and shot him in the face.

This dream was not the matrix !!!!!!!!!!It was the FLIPTRIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My encouragement to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus Loves you enjoy your day and go for your dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your dreams can come true through JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flippys out now God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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