Saturday, May 2, 2009

Night at the movies

The fact that JESUS CHRIST inspires the way we as thereconstructed team conducts our lives now is what makes the diference.

We were at KC last night to go and watch wolverine, we ended up watching the fast and the furious after waiting for two hours, so you can imagine we had lots of time to just sit and chat which we don’t normally have because we always busy with counselling or I’m most of the time on the road.
When evening comes we tired or still attend some activities.

Sitting and Just listening to some of the testimonies, we came to one conclusion!

Thank you, JESUS, for dying for the world so that we can be free today.

The evidence is clear that not just did JESUS save us from eternal condemnation, but HE is the reason why today many of us is still here.

The movie was good, even our visitor from the UK, Mike enjoyed it, the popcorn too. Brent just through to much salt on it, felt like I was going to get high blood, lol, I thank GOD for the humour HE gives.
For once I was blind but now I see, the freedom to live which I received through JC(JESUS CHRIST)

Life is good, but through disobedience to GOD, we complicate things ourselves.

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