Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flippy's Struggle to Survive !!!

There was a boy
He was intelligent and funny yet people used to smack him left;right and center;no 1 ever accepted him for how he has .He Moved around a lots in his young life might be more than you could think of ;He went to nine schools and at each one ;no one accepted him he couldn't speak a word of afrikans nor could he fit in with he's friends;they used to bully him every day and call him guy.Little did they knew they were breaking him down ;He felt hated ;discriminated ;he thought that he's no good ;he felt rejected ;disrespected and misunderstood;he was used to being shouted at ;pushed one side;he felt on love.He was seeking for something but he didn't know what he was looking for instead he took a vow of a Nazerite ;thinking that God was on his side things got even worse for him people started mocking him and he lost his self esteem .He though about he's friends that told him that heroin will help him;so he tried it and loved it or so he though for four and a half years .When time went by he was wasting his life .He dropped out of school to work for his family his drug addiction ofter time went by he found a girl that he thought he would spend the rest of his life with her ;she also went through alot in life ;so one day she stole gold worth 250 thousand rand from a drug Lord ,so that her boyfreind would have a nice time with her ;every day flippy went home and gave his family stackes of cash and his family was wondering where did all of the money come from?Eventually his family found out while he was partying ;he was going crazy because most of the money he was druging out.One day he became suicidal and tryed to mix METHENFETAMINE with HEROIN to kill himself;that same day he got into a gang fight thr gangsters hit him with chains;and metal objectes because they were liking for money off him .The next day he quit his job and was looking for help ;till today he beleaves it was God the showed him a place called the IMPACT CENTER there he found Salvatoin that set him free from all his addictictions. The first month he was there he thought that he would not survive ;one day he wanted to go home again but God kept him there otherwize he would have died because thugs wanted to take his life .If it wasnt for Jeus he would have went home and got killed .Thank you JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Todat he is back at school and stronger than ever because of JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!In June 22 he will be a year in CHIRST and God has raised he up to be a SAINT o f the Most High .THANK YOU JESUS FOR REDEEMING ME AND SAVING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!tHAT'S MY LIFE STORY....!!!!!!!!

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Leona Jacobs said...

Hi Flippy. I met you in the taxi today. I'LL BE PRAYING FOR YOU... :(