Monday, July 13, 2009

My 2 years with Christ

On the 10 July 2009, I celebrated my 2 year anniversary with Christ.

When I think back to the night I walked through the doors of the Impact Centre still intoxicated not having any expectations whatsoever, little did I know God had other plans for me.

The previous day I tried to commit suicide, looking in the mirror telling myself over and over that I was ugly. I never told a soul, but while The Apostle Roger Petersen was praying for me he felt my pain and told me exactly what I felt and what I attempted.
I remember thinking this man is Psychic how can he know so much because everything he said about me was true and I never told anybody.

That night I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour and now know that God is real. The past two years have been so great for me I have achieved so much and know there are greater things instore for me and I'm thankful to God for reuniting me with my family, he has set me free from my addiction and blessed me with a beautiful healthy baby girl,he has also provided me with a job which I Love.For a very long time I have been searching for Love and finally found what I was looking for, Jesus Christ.

I Thank God each and every day for my life, May God continue to Bless the Impact Direct Ministries for opening their doors,continued Support and undying Love they have showed me.

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