Monday, June 15, 2009

I am currently using a Sony Ericson K610i and that is the only gadget that I got close to hand 99% of the time to connect to the social networking sites like Twitter,Facebook blogging ect.

According to there are some interesting facts about cell phones you probably didn’t know:
The first cellphone was released in 1983-at least the first to get FCC approval.
There are lots of them – There are half as many active cellphones on the planet as there are people. When you think of the general wealth distribution across the planet, it’s pretty remarkable to have over 3.3 billion active mobiles. Then again, Luxembourg’s mobile phone penetration rate is 158% Yes, that’s 158 active cellphones for every 100 people.
South Korean teenagers between 15 and 19 years send well over 20,000 text messages a year on average (60.1 SMSes per day.) According to the Korean Times, in February 2006, over 30% of South Korean students send 100 text ,messages a day

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