Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Game is on

The under 26 years of Impact Direct Ministries want to challenge the over 26 in a indoor cricket match and we accepted there challenge. I will be part of the over 26 Team just to make them nervous here is our Team:

Craig Ross the captain of the team
Clinton Liederman quick in the field and a fast bowler
Craig Dumont The spinner of the team
Deon Jeniker The fasters player on our side quick between the wickets
Deon Willie The hard hitting player beware the sixes
Pastor Eugene Kruzer the experience player of the team
Jerome Mias the last player to make our team
Michael Abrahams our danger man

One of our other key player could not make it Marlon Parker he is attending a conference in Port Elizabeth.

our other players:

Brent Williams
Bradley Naidoo
Ricardo Johnson

The game is on !!!!!

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