Monday, April 27, 2009

Nothing but the blood

Nothing but the blood
So here we are again,in previous posts of me on this blog,you might have read that I have been a devout Christian,serving Jesus Christ,before I went on my rebellious journey to the underworld.

Learning the ways of the underworld almost cost me my life,even though I might still have lived,there are certain lines which if you cross it,you give up a part of you in order posses a certain knowledge. It was hard to survive on the streets,anyone can become your enemy,even your brother. Ive experienced situations where my owns friends ho was supposed to be brothers attempted in taking my life. Two of my best friends was shot cold blooded at close range,one,eleven shots on his whole body and the other one,six,in the face. The things you exsperince in the gang world changes your whole view of life and because the fact that you are still on drugs really doesnt help. Its makes you believe the lie.

“The lie, is, that there is no way out of the underworld”

I thought GOD would never forgive me for turning my back on Him. For three years I struggled just to make up my mind to go to church because I decided that hell was my destiny. I basically believed it even though every part of me wanted to be united with GOD again but I have already decided that GOD wont forgive me.

Rebellion took over my life and I started to enjoy it,because I controlled my own life even though heart ache and pain was the order of the day,until the loveof JESUS CHRIST manifested the greatest power,I have ever experienced.

The blood of JESUS,which bought me free from sin and death

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