Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flippys week

Praise be to GOD for my life ;this week was a tough one for me;
School is always cool but in the spirit things can get heavy sometimes.
For this week I was tempted to the maximum I thought I was not going to make it;Yes I would not have if it was not for God.My head was going crazy and I was very grumpy because of the thoughts I was getting ;the kind I was getting was to kill myself and to go back to the world and give up my salvation;It was so bad at times I would not eat about or when I sleep I dream about it;then it got so heavy I falt like screaming about and I started doughting Gods power.Till friday when Kyle prayed for me God told him what I'm going through and so he asked me about my thought and I told he ;so God put fire apon me I could feel it for some time.I asked God to give me the opersit of what was happining to me and I thank him for giving it to me.
Now I feel much better and on Fire for the Lord ;God also gave me a word in the book of John
and the reverlation was on giving thanks .Befor Jesus fed the five thousand people with the two small fish and the five small bread he gave thanks and to give thanks is to honor because as for some of us we are quik to take but not to take the time to give thanks and so the bit that Jesus had filled all the people and there was even left overs to fill up twelve barscets and so when you give thanks God will extend what you have.

If you sow an hour into the Kingdom of God you will reap millions and millions of years of blessings; so befor you do something think of the consequences.

What you gana do when Jesus comes for you?????????????????????????????

God bless Peace out
Flippy's out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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