Monday, April 27, 2009

Life on drugs.

Life on drugs.

I basically start this post where I ended the post about poaching.I started smoking dagga with some rastas three houses away from where I lived.At that time me and my mom had a contracting company which offered services to the city of Cape Town.We went on well until I decided that it would be good for business to smoke a joint before I go to meetings,eventually I never reached the meetings because my time was consumed by the one slow boat to another which eventually consumed me and I just lost all interest in the business.I eventually started losing interest in diving,which was a big deal because I fell in love with the sea and now a drug was taking that place.

This is when I decided,enough is enough.So I decided that I was going to stop smoking dagga.I bought a parcel dagga and went to a friend one friday to smoke enough dagga because it was going to be the last time,well,we smoked and smoked and ended up visiting a friend who sold tik.For as long as I was smoking dagga my friends was on tik but it never interested me but I decide that I might as well just take one hit from a lolly that was offered to me seeing that it was going to be the last evening I would be using drugs.I only stopped taking a hit from the tik lolly six years after that.

In those six years,Ive lost people I loved. A girlfriend,a friend I regarded as my older brother who was killed in gang violence,a couple of attempts was made on my life too.I even lost my character,the person I was.

If it wasnt for Jesus Christ,were would I be today.

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