Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my holiday

starting on Good Friday morning i took my sister and her family to Koggel Bay to camp for the weekend.The trip went fine and we witness a accident on the N2.Where a mini bus overturned and the passengers were fatally injured,we continued on our journey to beach.On Saturday morning i picked up more of my family and we spent the day at Koggels Bay with my sister snd her family.Sunday morning was church and we had a blessed service.Monday back to Koggels Bay to fetch my passengers via Stellenbosch as i missed the R300 turn off,this was an enjoyable drive.Tuesday i took friends from Australia to Darling and Malmesbury.Thursday and friday spent time with my grandchildren at the movies and ice rink.Then my money was finish and i had to stay at home and rest which i really needed by this time.

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Ursula said...

What an eventfull holiday.Always nice to spend time with family but I am glad that you had time to rest