Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Fist Blogg

Hi everyone,my name is Lisle Jeneker....
I'm marrried to Deon and i have two children,im not use to this type of thing,but im willing to learn.i hope this way of communication will give me a clearer view of what blogging is about.i like to socialise and this way of doing it feels totally strange.

I had a peacefull day,thank u Jesus for that.I dropped off my C.V at a recruitment centre this morning,i hope and pray for some sort of response..I've found myself dropping off C.V's for the past month now,but im trusting GOD for the right answer on his time.
At the moment i've joined the New and Social Media class at #RLABS and i must say im excited to be part of this class,we have class every week on a Tuesday.I am the youngest in this class and feel privilaged to be here.

I think this won't be my last blogg...

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