Saturday, November 20, 2010

Prayer is a powerful antidote for negativity.

It's almost 4am on a Saturday morning and I cannot sleep. I'm feeling anxious, a feeling I've come to hate.
Confidence and self assurance are some of my good character traits, and feelings that are comfortable for me. God's inner peace is a daily prayer requirement. It's something He blesses me with abundantly.
But I think God wants me out of my comfort zone sometimes because how does one grow and learn when everything runs smoothly.
I've had a week filled with many emotions: happiness,thankfulness (even when I'm feeling a little negative, I am always thankful for my blessings),contentment,boredom,anxiety,hurt,anger....and it's all normal, I have to remind myself. Show me a person who doesn't experience these feelings from time to time. The antidote for the negative feelings 'PRAYER'.
So till next time, I need to talk with my God.

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