Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Chapter Comes To An End

We have spent approximately 14 weeks in the Reconstructed sessions at RLabs. The sessions have indeed been informative, relevant and more importantly useful!

I still marvel at the work of God's hands, understanding and knowing the background of these facilitators, how circumstances could have been so different for them. But thanks to God's grace he has removed them from a life of gangsterism and drugs and chosen them to be leaders, blessed them with gifts and talents to change the lives of others.

The have adopted the slogan "Social Media for Social Change". I am privileged this evening to be a participant in these sessions. And today I just want to thank everyone who has been instrumental in the classes. To all the facilitators: Craig, Brent, Monique, Marlon, Clinton, Clive, Jason and guest speaker Aslam Levy.... YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

May 2011 have an even greater impact on RLabs.

Much love

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