Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Amazing Morning

Last night in Social Media class we were encouraged to blog more. To blog about what we thinking, what we passionate about, etc.

So this morning I want to tell everyone, what an awesome morning I'm having and what I'm thinking.

First of all, I'm feeling rejuvenated,energised,peaceful and happy with my lot in life. I started off my day by sending my beautiful family off to work,school and creche. I'll miss them for the day but I have to be honest and say that, I enjoy my alone time. And when they walk through the front door at night, I'm that much happier to see them. Once they left, I finished my chores and sat down and went through all the different Taebo workouts. I normally do the cardio workout but felt like doing something a bit different this morning. So to my delight I found a workout that is called 'Inner Strength' and while you work out you praise the Lord and call on His name to give you strength. The workout ends with a prayer. And had my tears flowing because I felt so thankful and blessed at that moment that Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me and like He was saying 'Don't worry,I'm here, I'm in everything that you do'. So that was just such an amazing start to my day.

And second of all I'm pondering my unemployment. I know that I need to go work to help my husband because we have set ourselves goals but I am honestly loving it at home. I feel like I have more patience and that I get much more done and that I can tend to my families needs in an extra extra special way. I have an idea for a small business and need to STOP procrastinating because that seems to be my problem.
As I said it's just something I'm pondering and really not something I'm stressing about because it's all in God's time.

Thanks for letting me share my AWESOME morning with you. Hope you all have a great day.

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