Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Something that not many woman understands is the extreme relationship many men have with their friends.

Guys tend to care more for each other than the more impotant things in their life and sometimes these relationships are extremely hard to get rid of , but what can i say it's a Guy thing. Like many guys stand up for their friends and not for the woman in their lives , this is mainly because the bond between these friends come a long way and guys aren't really ready to let go of such a strong bond.

Remember your guy probably met his friend long before he met you , so it's very hard to throw that away. A guy thinks the relationship between him and his woman may not last very long thats why he stays so close to his friends because they'll always be there.

All woman can really do if they're in a situation where your guy spends more time with his friends than with you all you can do is support him and become friends with his friends.

The guy codes are extremely had to break so don't attempt it , you might just lose your man.

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