Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Its hard to understand the way " YOU " love me FATHER,Im sure I`ll be trying to understand YOUR love towards me into eternity.

This is going to be a short simple post,its just to tell someone,anyone even if no one is going to read this post,it does`nt matter.Im still writting it.
We have an awesome Heavenly FATHER,who loves us as humans so much that HE abandoned HIS Holiness to come and firstly dwell on earth with man,then went to the cross and willingly sacrifised HIS life for us.HE paid for our sins,HE paid for our mistakes.I dont understand HIS love but I know its real.I feel it right now.No matter how much times I hurt HIM,HE is forgiving.Its so hard to put my thoughts into words.

So all I can say is " JESUS I LOVE YOU " cause nothing I can do can thank YOU for WHO YOU are.

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