Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sustainability is for EVERYONE...*

Good Evening...*

Tonight in our Social Media class, we've been told to blog about whatever we're feeling. So as an Interior Designer/Architect I want to let the whole world know how important sustainability actually is.

Yes we're always hearing about recycling,(re-use, reduce and recycle), but as designers and architects we can even take it a step further by incorporating sustainable design into all the new residential and corporate buildings that are currently being developed. This would include using recyclable and sustainable materials that would still look aesthetically pleasing, as well as mixing it with good building design.

We all have a role to play in our communities whether it be cleaning and beautifying our areas, starting a recycling project or simply picking up that "Simba" chip packet we see lying on the pavement - (but what do we do, we walk right past it)....

After all do we want to be the cause to the end of our planet, or do we want to sustain the wonderful work of GOD for future generations to enjoy......?

If you'd like any more information about designers and sustainability or just some tips for your home or office then contact me on the following email address... seragie@telkomsa.net

Alternatively you could visit the following link:

Have a great evening everyone...

*..PRiNceSs T..*

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Anonymous said...

Well done Tracey on writing such a good post and expressing yourself, looking forward to reading many more of your posts :) Monique Ross