Saturday, September 4, 2010

Walking in the SUPERNATURAL

So I was encouraged by a dear friend who read my previous posts,to tell this story aswell.
It was the saterday evening prayer meeting before my brother recommitted his life to JESUS CHRIST. We were praying and I don’t remember if we were thanking GOD for all the things HE is doing in our lives and how HE answers our prayers, or if we were asking for more of HIS glory to be manifested here on earth.When all of a sudden, Pastor Roger stops us and sais that HE has a sense that an angel has entered the room and that it is an angel of great authority. At that time I`m sure that everyone could feel the intensity of the presence in the room.We all got to our knees and laid on our faces.The word came to us that whatever we are going to ask from that moment would be answered/given to us as we ask.I just had one thing in my mind and that was an thought. This is what I said to GOD.
“GOD please remember my brother Garth”
The next morning my brother and his wife was in church and he committed his life to JESUS.

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