Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"The annointing" part2

So like I said in (part 1),three weeks ago my brother returned to the heart of worship.Two weeks ago,I shared my testimony with Ps.Roger and this past sunday (29 August 2010) GOD did something amazing to and through me and my brother that would change our lives forever.

Pastor Roger got into contact with Garth,asking him if he could remember the episode I had shared with him,garth said yes.Then he was asked if he could remember the song he played that specific day and if he would play it in church this sunday past(29 August 2010) and garth agreed.Originally I knew nothing about the discussion between Garth and Ps Roger.

So during the service Ps Roger calls me to the front to come and share with the church what I spoke to him.I got up from my seat and started making my way to the front.When I reached the front I saw my brother on stage going to sit behind the electric piano and while I started speaking,Garth started playing that song(come breath in me).I finished speaking and he continued playing.I was sitting down and closed my eyes and thinking of how good GOD is to me.Because about three years ago,me and Garth were enemies,I hated him,and here we are in unity,being used by the creator of everything,"YEHOVAH".To speak about HIS goodness.

I opened my eyes to the sight of people standing,arms stretched out to GOD,crying in thankfullness of how much GOD loves us.I could just be so thankfull for the how GOD has changed and used my brother and I together and the bonus is the love that has been restored,lol,actually doubled.



rae goedeman said...

Yes! Gary,Sunday was out of the ordinary, all we cud do was cry,just uncontrollable tears as the anointing overwelmed one.Bless u and Garth for the enriching display of love. God gets all the glory..Awesome.Lovealways

Aniela said...

Hi Brother!!!
I haven't been feeling so good lately, just very tired physically (baby growing) and emotionally. Something led me to the blog this morning (yes at work) and I just started reading. Reading your blogs has encouraged and reminded me that we serve a mighty GOD and with him by our side we can do ANYTHING! Thank you Brother for being such a blessing in our lives. LOVE you lots!!! Sista