Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"The annointing" part1

The awesomeness of GOD blows my mind.I`m trying to put into words what GOD is busy doing in my life and just as I think I`m about to start,the picture changes and I realize that "YEHOVAH" is too awesome to exsplain.So I`ll just tell you a story of how JESUS changes my life.

About two weeks ago,I shared an episode of my life with a man that I regard as a father figure to me,Pastor Roger Petersen.We were speaking about my brother Garth who recomitted his life to JESUS 3 weeks ago.I mentioned the fact that how I exsperienced the presence of GOD descend like raindrops falling softly,whenever garth plays the keyboard in worship of "YEHOVAH".

I remember the times I was on drugs and involved with gansterism,I use to stay away from home about for an week at time,many times more.Often as things would heat up and I needed a place to hide I would return home for a day or two.At this point,fights between me and my dad would break out regularly and it brought an evil atmoshere into the house.Eventually I would go to my room,laying on my bed,cursing and thinking evil thoughts towards my dad.I tell you at that times,an evil possesed me that I would not wish apon anyone.Many times I tried clearing my mind but it just would not help.Evil was busy consuming me.

Until my brother entered the house.At that time I really didnt know how he knew there was something wrong,he probably felt the atmosphere was very tense.All I know is that I would hear him play the piano(come breath in me) and I tell you,its like a tap being opened over me and all those evil thoughts I just had was being washed away.I realised that it was the presence of GOD entering our home casting away all evil.Leading me to repentance.

I would move into th living room and garth would be sitting on his piano chair still with his bag on his back,he just came in from work,my dad would be sitting on his chair watching tv and my move would be standing in the kitchen singing to the song my brother would be playing.I would ask them to forgive me,they would and the peace and unity would enter our home again.


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