Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mom3.0 session at Maxi’s

In Maxi's restaurant

This last past Saturday the ladies from the mom3.0 class enjoyed a breakfast at Maxi’s restaurant as part of their excursion. The ladies have class every second week in the RLABS space. The moment was captured on camera and in the next class the ladies will be posting these pics up on facebook and blogging about the moment.

The ladies of mom3.0 have done Gmail and facebook in their class thus far. They will be doing some things on Facebook and then will be moving on to Blogging.

Some of the moms placing a order for breakfast

We were also joined by Dr. Gary Wills and Mike Santer from the U.K that was doing interviews with the ladies. A special thanks to Maxi’s in Vangate Mall for availing the restaurant for the moms. This was the 1st of many excursions to come.

Dr.Gary Wills interviewing and engaging with some of the ladies

Stay tuned to see the progress of these moms as they set the

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