Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cape Town Christian Fellowship host Hou Jian and his Family:

Good morning, today we are blessed to have Dr Gary Wills and Mike Santer from the UK, as well Hou Jian and His family.

Hou Jian was a Buddhist, when arriving in Cape Town, to learn English and study more than 7 years ago. He was invited to a church service by Craig Dumont, a friend from University. Hou Jian however was reluctant, because in China it is believed when people lay hands on you, in prayer, you will die. He then decided to come to the service, and was touched by God in a Mighty way.

One evening at Impact Direct’s office while praying over Hou Jian, Pastor Roger Peterson got a word of God that Hou Jian will lead his family to Christ over the telephone. Hou Jian’s mother who had heard of his conversion to Christianity, was afraid that he would die, went to a Buddhist monk, to pray for her son, the Buddhist monk then told her that her son was at a safe place and told her about a gray haired man that is looking after her son and that he is at a safer place than he has ever been, that put her at ease.

Hou Jian then led his mother to the Lord over the telephone, along with his entire household.

They had planted many churches in China, even building a church in a poor village, with over 2000 members.

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