Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why you should vote for thereconstructed as the best group blog

Today I started my first class on thereconstructed program.
Even though I new some of the information taught to me,I have
learned alot thanks to Craig Ross and Brent Williams,
the facilitators of todays lessons.
They are two of the 2008 reconstructed graduates who are making
in roads in this life.
I am inspired by the transformation of the lives,therefor I believe that
the same transformation is going to take place in my life,but just greater.
The student has to become greater than the teacher.
I believe in order to change a life ,you have to change to lifestyle.
By educating myself I feel more confedant and it makes me feel good.
So a simple computer class actually changed my life today,because
not just did I learn something positive,but I will never forget it till the day I die.
That is the reason why I will suggest that you vote for thereconstructed as best group blog for 2009.

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