Saturday, March 28, 2009

my first bloging session

hi my name is taswell and im plzd to read u im a new addmin to this blog i just wanna tell u a bit bout myself i live in bridgetown and my hobbies r reading,listenng to music my week ws blessd i dnt work at the moment bt im doin a brick layin course at impact direct ministries where they teach u hw to build a house what i learnt this week is hw to read a plan before building a house and on fryday we digged a trence. ja and on saterday which is today that i be sending u this blog and i learnt to how to send a blog.And im very excited eager to be learning futher.I just want to incourage those who r going through problems and difficulties that there is hope in jesus. and i want to incourage u aswell to vote for reconstructed blog because they the best bloggers eva.

thank u very much

Taswell a.k.a The American Dream

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