Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just being you

One never knows the impact you can make on someone's life by just being yourself,you can even change your own world,allow new doors to open up for you.This is my definition of cool 'be yourself' every1 likes cool people only the jealous would not.I really don'nt know where the motivation to rite this comes from but I had to webaries(my own term for diarise).I know that their are many insecure people in this world who feels crap but dont know how to shake that feeling.I know a way how you can become so confident that you'll be cool.By followingw JESUS CHRIST in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.HE will establish your feet and you will be grounded as a rock.So thats all I wanted to right about.I really hope someone reads this and this post can actually touch a life.

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