Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Healing and Restoration...

We met 3 weeks ago with the owner of the shop next to the dilapidated building and Bradleys uncle, who is giving his full support and backing for this initiative. The amazing thing is that his uncle is the founder of the American gang that is at present the largest gang in South Africa and responsible for most of the drug and gangster activities that is going on in the Cape Flats.

The building that we are moving into is one of the active hang out dens of this gang. This is like a movie being played out before our eyes. Only God is capable of doing something like this.

Bradley and Brent will be the two Community Developers heading this up. They were both previously involved in this gang with Bradley having run and led the operations for almost thirteen years, which drove the Community to have petitions drawn up against him to try and ban him from the community.

Their aim at the moment is to firstly use the one part of the building to create a space and environment in which they can engage with gang members operating there. The idea is to try and develop a Reconstructive Program in conjunction with these gang members similar to how we did with them. I am confident that they are going to pull this off with greater success than we did with them. They have just finished hosting the World Banks International INNOVATION FAIR using the skills and program they were part of developing.

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