Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bradley Naidoo's Transformation...

To those who have an interest to read the story of an individual who didn't really understand what life was really about, who neither had a positive guide to teach and show him how to make the right choices in life, if they told you what was right they would always do the opposite of what they say. Well I think nobody gets to choose the situation they are born into, but I guess, and I firmly believe that you can change your situation or your circumstance. Change is inevitable change is possible only if you decide you want change, the whole world is talking about change, and yes there has been change but are we living for the change and the difference that we can make in our Families, Homes, or community, country or nation.

My name is Bradley I am the second oldest of five kids, I am currently situated in Cape Town Athlone Bridgetown, I have been living in Bridgetown all my life, Bridgetown is one of the most popular areas in terms of gangster ism and drugs. I grew up with a single parent my father was shot and killed when I was to 2 years old, my younger brother from my father side was shot and killed, then I had a cousin who was also shot and killed in gang related activities.
Why I am saying this is because one of the most Notorious gangs the Young Americans have been birthed out of our community not only did it start in our community it was actually a group of men that I new on very close and personal level, well my Father at that time was chosen to be the leader of this so called gang who had just emerged.

My uncle, who was involved in strategic planning, as to what the gang planned to do. 3 Generations later I found myself in the same cycle, and wasn't sure if I was going to spend my life in prison or end up dead as my father. In our society we look up to gangsters and drug dealers as our role models, we have no one to guide us neither is there any compass to direct our paths, and so we choose our destiny to die for what we stand and believe in, it has been 16 years of my life that I have been enslaved and controlled by gangsterism and drugs.

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