Monday, January 25, 2010

4 Open Heart Surgery In Vangate Mall

Take a quick look at my previous post and you will see one of my responsibilities for 2010 is to head up the Social Media Surgery, but it came sooner as I expected. Rlabs has a heart for our communities, so we decided to launched Africa’s first Social Media Surgery in Vangate Mall (Bridgetown) this past weekend. The idea was to bring social media to public where the community could sign up gmail, facebook,twitter,youtube and flickr accounts free of charge. I was very excited and nervous at the same time I did not know what to expect and what the right way was to do the surgery,but at the end of the day it was a job well done. The team made it look so easy and as if we doing this for years well done Rlabs team.

What is Social Media Surgery:

The promotion of Social Media use to support the community and volunteering groups in an area. The surgeons are the facilitators that want to empower the community with the Tools available on the World Wide Web.

Who is the Surgeons:

ex drug addicts and ex gangsters that have completed the course: Social Media for Social Change and various other training at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). These trainers and facilitators are under the supervision of an IT lecturer currently completing his Doctorate at CPUT Marlon Parker.

From 9am-5pm we had 47 people who visited the social media surgery besides the few that just asked question what the outreach was about. The process was that people walked into the surgery where they had a one on one consulting with surgeons for about 15-20 minutes. The one on one with the surgeons gave the public a chance to ask question on social media. The tool that most of the people signed up for was email accounts and facebook and a few people knew about twitter and flickr.

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