Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life journey of my son jayden rick

Born on 25August 2013 at a lovely 2.9 kg , born absolutely healthy and with no defects jayden's health  at the age of just six weeks took a turn for the worst when he had a cardiac arrest and stopped breathing for almost an hour , after rushed to Elsies community health center  where the doctors struggled to resuscitate him jayden was attached to a life support machine due to the fact that he was not really breathing on his own , seven weeks later doctors discovered that jayden couldn't swallow anymore cause he lost his ability to use this cerebral part of his brain and that he had what is known as hypoxic brain injury a condition caused by severe smoke inhalation jayden in two years had suffered 5 acute renal impairments 6consecutive cases of unconsciousness and 1 cases of low blood sugar  1 case of his lung collapsing  every time because we as his parents are praying parents God has brought him back to us every time , he might not be able to swallow , he might have cerebral palsy , he might not be able to crawl , walk or talk even for.  his age he is still a blessing and a miracle from God  he is our testimony for someone else's test

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