Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What is your part in the community?

Today for the Introduction to Social Media class at Rlabs we were asked to go out in the property of RLabs and write about something you see or interview someone. I decided to interview Bradley Naidoo whose heart goes out to kids with absent fathers because they end up going through substance and alcohol abuse .

I asked him what his part in the community is. He told me he has a specific outreach. In connection with Impact Direct Ministries and RLabs he has a support group for people of the community that runs on a Friday. He looks at needs in the community and designs programs. He does counselling, personal development, life skills and the Friday support group. The support group has people from the community that goes through a 3 month skills and development program in connection with Impact Direct Ministries. Then they become part of the reconstructed classes that he runs in connection with RLabs.

RLabs gives him resources and equipment such as laptops to run the reconstructed classes where they are allowed to spread their wings, tell their stories via social media platforms.

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terence hendricks said...

Very good read Jodi, well done!! Looking forward to more of your blogs.